When Buying Shoes For Your Kids

Buying shoes for your kids can be an excruciating task. Most kids don’t enjoy the idea of shopping for shoes since their basic concern is to buy toys. If only they would behave well just like when you are out with them to purchase toys when you are out to purchase shoes.

sneaker-zoneWhen you take your kids with you to buy them a new pair of shoes it can be frustrating especially when your kid keeps on tugging at you to go somewhere else. Kids have a short attention span and when they find themselves bored they try to amuse themselves by either running around or playing with whatever they can get their hands on. Then there are those kids who whine, bawl, scream and worse cry. So with us trying to hurry on with the task of buying, we don’t get to properly select the appropriate shoes for our kids.

Every parent would want to purchase shoes that are both comfortable and functional. To facilitate, it would be best to start by measuring your child’s feet with the measuring device available in department stores to obtain your child’s exact size. In this manner when we find the shoes that we want we can easily ask for the size to let our kid try it on.

sneaker-zoneSneakers come in a variety of colors and designs. Your kid will definitely enjoy those in their favorite color or favorite cartoon theme. If formal or dress shoes are what you are looking for, bear in mind the occasion or event that you will be attending. If your kid is old enough to make his or her own choices, don’t overwhelm him or her with too many. Making him or her choose between two or probably three would speed up decision making. Having too many choices would end up with you and your kid getting confused. This usually results to you not being able to buy any pair of shoes at all.

sneaker-zoneSince your kids are still growing always give an allowance to shoe size. Chances are if the shoe is really a perfect fit with no room for expansion, you will most likely be visiting the shoe shop again to purchase another set of shoes which can be costly. I am not telling you to buy very big shoes but at least a half inch distance from your kid’s toe to the edge of the shoes would be fine giving also some room for your kid’s feet to move.

Finally always examine the shoes for defects and check on quality. Kids are very hyperactive and we don’t want their shoes to be ruined early on so it is important for their shoes to be in top condition. Ask your child if the shoes feel comfy for in the end it will be them who will be wearing them.