Sneaker Designs Make a Unique Statement


Designers of a good sneaker have a multitude of requirements to fulfill. In today’s market, the sneaker has to look the part that it is being purchased to perform. If it’s a runner, it should look fast. A jogging shoe should exude stability and durability. An everyday sneaker should look good enough to wear in every setting and compliment both the style and personality of the person wearing it.

sneaker-zone13A good sneaker design should allow for materials that will endure the physical activity of the person as well as allowing for comfort. It must offer protection as the consumer gives it the punishment that footwear must withstand.


The steps we take throughout the day add up quickly, and there is no need to add another burden because of the weight of our shoes. A sneaker should offer the right balance of protection and weight so that we don’t get tired just lifting our feet off of the ground.


When you think of fresh, you don’t often picture your feet during the middle of the day. Feet sweat. Physical activity makes them sweat even more. It’s important that a shoe that is meant for activity have the proper ventilation to accommodate that normal function of the human body for comfort as well as health.


Sneakers let us put on a lot of miles in comfort, and we want our shoes to last a long time and look good for most of their lifetime. But those aren’t the only considerations when choosing the materials to make a casual shoe.

The materials in a well designed sneaker should be durable, breathable, comfortable and easily maintained. Sturdy enough to offer support while lightweight enough not to encumber our movements. The materials chosen for sneaker design should also look good.

Ease of Use

Active people don’t want to waste their time struggling to get out of their footwear. A well designed sneaker has to be easily kicked off or pulled on while still giving a firm fit. Hard to use closures on a sneaker are often just not used, allowing foot movement and friction to cause blisters.


Sneakers are often the shoe of choice with jeans for the casual weekend afternoon, but there are only so many of those in life. What about those times when we want to pair an attractive sneaker with our casual business dress for a walk in the park during a lunch break? We want the style of the shoe to reflect our own spunky personalities in our wardrobe style because we know we can look good and still be comfortable.

Article Source: Sneaker Designs Make a Unique Statement