Original React LED Shoe Clips – PAIR with Blue, Green or Pink super bright LED lights.

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Original React LED Shoe Clips

Exercise at night or in gloomy weather? BE SEEN & STAY SAFE with a pair of React LED Shoe Clips. This LED Sports Shoe Light is designed to move with your feet creating a shifting light that is easily seen by motorists and other pedestrians.Our extensive testing has resulted in the 3 optimal LED colours Blue, Green & Pink. These colours are not the usual Red & Orange that motorists see in front of them whilst driving. A moving Blue / Green or Pink in the distance will give plenty warning & cause the motorist to take notice.

Thanks to this useful running accessory you will be seen while out in the dark. It is
quickly and easily clipped to the heel of the shoe or can be worn around the wrist. The On/Off button also allows you to change the 2 light modes (fixed or flashing).

The React LED Shoe Clip has been created using the best quality materials:

•Super bright LED technology giving maximum light output

•CR2032 replaceable watch battery offering around 100 hours of illumination

•New PVC material provides greater flexibility than the cheaper recycled versions.

•Ultra Lightweight design, so light that it is unnoticeable when worn.

•Waterproof construction, suitable for any terrain in any weather.

•Blue, Green or Pink lights – the brightest, safest options

1 Year Warranty – Please use contact details within packaging to authorise warranty.

ideal gift for Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Horse-riding & all outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Sold in pairs at special AMAZON DISCOUNTED PRICE.

Just add to your basket above to BE SEEN & STAY SAFEMoving lights in non-traffic colours catch motorists attention

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